Perfect Podcast Pitch

How to pitch podcasts for traffic, links and authority...

Daniel Daines-Hutt
Chief Marketing Nerd at AmpMyContent

48 Million...

That's how many people listen to podcasts EACH and every week

Let that sink in...

  • Not per year
  • Not per month
  • But 48 million per week

Podcasting is a HUGE marketing channel, but the thing is?

You don't need to be running your own podcast to take advantage of this


You just need to be a guest on those shows!

So let me ask you a question...

Do you want to be featured on top podcasts?

Of course you do!

Because it’s not just about traffic either

If you're a brand?

Then podcasts can help you build authority and 'thought leadership' in your industry

Blogger, Author Or Podcaster?

Appearing on other peoples shows can help build your audience AND lets you promote your own content

Link builder for SEO?

You wouldn't believe how fast and powerful podcast backlink's can be

The trick of course?

It’s getting accepted as a guest

So let me show you how a single email converted over 60% of the podcasts that we pitched...

From Brand New Blog, To Industry Expert

At the end of 2018, I launched a new website called Ampmycontent

It’s a marketing blog that focuses on ‘content promotion'

Our goal is to help you learn how to market the content that you have, so that it drives results

The only problem?

The content marketing space is a *little* competitive…


Over 3 billion results!

Even when you niche down, it's still pretty rough…

The worst part?

Because the site was only a few weeks old, it meant that even on a good day, we might only get 10 visitors or so!

So what could we do?

We knew we needed to make an impact if we were going to stand out

And so our first article was a BEAST of a guide to paid content promotion

The post did well, but if we wanted ongoing traffic, without having to pay for it?

Then we needed to start building links AND an audience

Better still?

We needed to get out in front of people who ALREADY HAD our potential audience...

The Results So Far...

We launched the article in October, and then started to pitch podcasts

Now I’ll be the first to admit… didn’t start off great

Why is it that when you try something new you forget everything else that you already know?

It’s weird right?

Without getting too nerdy, I’m a ‘Direct Response’ marketer

This means that I understand psychology and math

Simply put:

We create campaigns that connect emotionally and cause people to take action

Even better?

We know down to the dollar, how effective it is

(I just needed to remember to do this with our podcast pitches)

And when we did?

It was like rocket fuel…

Better still?

Because we were selective about who and HOW we pitched, this meant that we pitched 80 shows and got on 60 of them

(That's a 75% success rate!)

And these were not small podcasts either...

We're talking companies like Co-Schedule, Active Campaign, Copy Chief and more

Why care?

Because these podcasts are HUGE!

Not only do they have massive audiences of our ideal customers, but from an SEO perspective?

They have an average Domain Rank of 50+


Some were even higher than that…

Not sure what all that SEO/ Domain Rank stuff means?

Simply put, it meant we started ranking in Google like crazy

(We started outranking 5-10 year old sites within months of launching...)

This meant free traffic every month AFTER the episodes went live

Better still?

It meant traffic from people searching in Google who had never even heard the episode or knew about us or our business!


Just good ol’ Google recommending us when people searched on our topics

Not bad right?

But it gets better still...


Well once those shows went live, this lead to requests from other podcasts to be guests on their shows

This meant more links, and access to other audiences

It didn't end there either

Suddenly CEO's and business owners would reach out to try and hire us, all from listening to the episodes...

That right there?

That’s a Fortune 5000 company

Not bad right?

Now that you've seen the results this can get, lets walk you past the 3 major hurdles when pitching podcasts…


So much yes. This is probably the best cold outreach email I’ve ever read. I’m tempted to share it on our site as the proper way to do cold outreach.

Your topics are awesome and sound like things you and I would nerd out over for hours if we were allowed"

- Matt Wolfe, Co-Founder, Evergreen Profits/ Hustle And Flowchart Podcast

The 3 Things That Cause Your Pitch To Fail

If we want to succeed at anything, we need to understand what's getting in our way

Whats stopping us from seeing results

When look back on why our own pitches failed, it boiled down to 3 core things...

Roadblock #1: Being Ignored

Most people miss this because it’s so simple

But if your headline doesn’t get their attention?

Then they don’t even read the email!

It sucks I know

But all the rest of your pitch?

Its wasted and unopened

That’s why it’s so vital to write a headline that connects directly with the reader, so that they open the damn thing!

But once they read it?

Then you have the next roadblock to get past...

Roadblock #2: Being Rejected

Here’s the thing:

No matter how good you are, some podcasts just won’t take you on

Maybe they're doing a series on a particular topic, or are fully booked for the next 6 months

It happens and it’s fine

What’s not fine?

Is when your pitch is so bad that not only do they reject it, but they throw it back in your face

Now most people won’t do this, unless you do something seriously wrong

For Example:

You can’t shotgun blast every podcaster with the exact same pitch

It’s not a numbers game- it’s a VALUE + RELATIONSHIP game instead

You need to find the benefit and value for the host

(Being a guest or helping their audience is not enough of a benefit)

Because if you don’t do that?

Then you get the 3rd problem...

Roadblock #3: Being Charged

It’s all about the angle

The connection

You need to make it so simple to say yes, so that they actively WANT YOU on their show

Because otherwise?

You might get an email asking you to pay for the opportunity...


Now admittedly some shows would be worth the cost, if you could afford it

But I’ll be honest here- some of them have wildly different ideas of what their value is

(I’ve seen a podcast in the SAAS space charge between $10,000-$25,000 to be a guest on their show…)

Crazy right?

But here’s the thing:

That EXACT same show has unpaid guests on most weeks

The trick is learning how to pitch them properly...

Meet Your Instructor

Hey I’m Daniel Daines-Hutt, the Co-Founder of Ampmycontent

Like I said before, I’m a ‘Direct Response’ marketer

I use human psychology to get people to take an action

To click here, optin there, buy now etc

It’s not hard

It’s just research and structure

Because here’s the thing:

The way we communicate information is VITAL if we want people to take an action

I said before you can’t copy and paste an email to 100 podcasts and get results

(Otherwise you might only get 2 shows say yes, and 98 who hate you for being lazy)

But here’s the thing…

I kinda do send the same email

Let me explain:

The structure of the email is vital, and almost always remains the same

We follow a pattern


Because this way we ensure we hit certain mental triggers on the way through the email

Desire, intrigue, trust etc

It’s the rest that’s all different

The research, the angle, the approach

(By taking the time to find this for each email, we see almost a 75% conversion rate)

But the best part?

We want to show you how to do this also…

Perfect Podcast Pitch is our step-by-step process to find podcasts, pitch them successfully, and record kick ass shows

It’s designed to help you side step common mistakes so you’re no longer ignored, rejected or forced to ‘pay to play’


Because we focus on 3 key things...

How Is Perfect Podcast Pitch Different To Other Programs?

Perfect Podcast Pitch isn’t just about ‘pitching as many shows as possible'

If you wanted to do that?

You could simply buy some dodgy internet tool, scrape every podcasts email address and shotgun email your pitch...


Your done in seconds but guess what?

So are all the opportunities and relationships

(It’s weird but people don’t appreciate random cold copy and paste emails…)

Me personally?

If someone spam pitches our blog I simply scroll to spam and block all future emails

(They don't even get a 2nd chance)

That’s why Perfect Podcast Pitch focuses on 3 core areas...

#1: Get Inside Their Heads

Want to sell anything to anyone?

It’s not hard

You simply find out what they want, and show how what you have, makes that happen

Easy right?

But the thing is, most programs teach you ‘hack's’

A flaw in a system that works this week, but not the next

By the time you come to implement it?

Its been fixed and no longer works- so you bounce through hoops chasing hack after hack…

So at the end?

Your still where you started

(And that sucks)

Perfect Podcast Pitch is based on old school marketing principles

None of those ‘work today, broke tomorrow hacks

Instead you’ll learn the psychology, research and approach to be able to get results

Why care?

Because no matter the platform- you’ll be able to find that connection, reach out, and be a kick ass guest!

Now AND in the future...

#2 Structured Delivery And Process

It’s not enough to know what drives people

You also need to know how to communicate with them


Well… people are weird

Let me explain:

We can know all the information about our audience

  • Their pains and desires
  • What they want
  • What they need

Heck… we can even have the perfect product for them

But if we don’t say the right things at the right time, and in the right order?


Our pitch fails

Why is this?

Well without getting too nerdy, its because of how our brain processes information

You see, our brain has 3 levels to it:

  • The Lizard brain
  • The Limbic Brain, and
  • The Neo- Cortex

All information starts at the lizard brain, and that's where the problem starts


Because the Lizard brain is based on desires and fears

Its not logical but emotional

Why care?

Because if you fail to speak to this first, then its just like that email headline…

The information simply doesn’t get opened or move forward

(Not great right?)

Well even when you get past that, you're still not talking to people logically

After the Lizard brain pays attention, it moves the information into the Limbic brain

This controls our previous experiences and behavior

This is why it’s vital to learn your audiences own experiences, pains and goals


Because if we can’t speak to this, then people don’t lose interest

Finally we have the Neo-Cortex

This is the actual, logical decision maker

This is the person who’ll say yes (or at least think about it)

This is why you need to understand how to structure your information

Because if you don’t?

Then you can have the best pitch or product and still not move forward

Which is why we build this structure into the templates we use for pitching

Its not a blank copy and paste

But it is ticking boxes and hitting the right triggers in the right order

A psychological structure to get them to pay attention, keep reading, take action and get you on their show...

(And don't worry- its easier then it sounds)

#3 How To Stand Out In Front Of Their Audience
(So They Become YOUR Audience…)

So here’s a nice little bonus

Rather than just show you how to get on these podcasts, we take it a step further


Because getting in front of people is great, but better still?

Is when you stand out and their audience becomes yours also

That’s how you fully leverage podcasts

Not only that?

But we’ll show you how to be stand out guest also!

Why care?

Because this way the hosts will recommend you for other shows- without you even asking them to

Pretty good right!?

Perfect Podcast Pitch Teaches You EXACTLY What You Need To Start Booking Shows TODAY

Want to know whats inside?

Here's a sneak peek...

  • How to organize your research to build a foundation of success
  • The 4 filter system to find the hidden podcast gems in your industry
  • How to research your host, get in their head and find the right angle
  • How to avoid the ignore button before you even start…
  • The tools of the trade to record, automate and track your pitches and podcast episodes
  • How to write headlines that get past the gatekeeper
  • How to hook them in and build trust FAST
  • How to make it so simple for them to say ‘YES!’
  • How to automate your approach in a non-sleazy way
  • The 3 ‘P’s’ Of Perfect Podcasting
  • How to cover your ass and keep that episode
  • How to be the perfect podcast guest
  • How to get links, where and when you want them
  • The structure to deliver the perfect pitch

And much more!...

"Love your approach, and the suggestions are awesome!"

- Sean Clark St James, The Click And Convert Podcast

How Much Does It Cost?

Let’s be honest here

It’s not about how much it costs you- it’s about how much value it can bring you

As we look at it, you have 3 options to move forward...

Option #1: Hire A Podcast/ PR Company To Pitch Shows For You

Not a bad option, and it can save you a little time

If you have the cash to spare, sure you could go with this

So how much would a PR podcast service cost?

On average around $700- $1000 per month

(Or $10k per year)

It could be worse I suppose...

Option #2: Pay To Play On Major Podcasts

Bad pitches means having to pay to be a guest

The worst part?

Some of these shows have WILDLY different pricing

($10-25K for an episode is freaking insane)

And sure:

If you have the cash AND it’s the right audience for you, then it might be worth it


You can choose option #3…

Option #3: Sidestep The Learning Curve And Join Perfect Podcast Pitch

$59 bucks

That’s all it costs

$59 to be able to pitch your own shows, dodge PR companies and not have to pay for episodes

More importantly?

You can sidestep the major mistakes and learning curves that can hold you back from getting results

Pretty cool right?

It gets better…


Because it’s all available right this second!

(No holding back access or any of that rubbish)

Once you join, you’ll be able to start pitching podcasts by the end of day, today!

So that by Monday of next week?

You could be plugging in your mic and recording that first guest episode...

My Unbeatable Guarantee:
Try Perfect Podcast Pitch For A Full 30 Days, 100% Risk Free

That’s right!

A full 30 days to get in, test it out and get booked on shows

If it’s not for you, or you don’t get results after doing the work?

Then no worries!

Simply request a refund before day 31 and you’re all good

(All it takes is a few clicks- no calling tech support or any of that nonsense!)

Why are we so lenient with this?

Simply because it works!

We want you to get results and remove any excuse you might have that’s holding you back...

"Great email pitch and thanks for the comments! "

- Spencer Shaw, Business Growth Podcast

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ampmycontent?

We’re a team of marketers who focus on content promotion

Perfect Podcast Pitch is a small sliver of our larger training, the Amplify Content Academy

That being said?

Perfect Podcast Pitch is everything that you need to be able to pitch and record killer podcasts

How much experience do I need to have already?

Not much

We’ve broken it down to make it as simple as possible

As long as you follow the steps, and are comfortable talking about your chosen topic- then you’re good to go!

How long is the training?

Perfect Podcast Pitch is broken down into 22 actionable training lessons

Not too long to be boring or full of fluff either!

We get right to the point, answer any questions you might have, and give you a structure to follow

If you start today, you should be pitching podcasts by tomorrow (depending on how fast you work)

The best part?

You’ll start to see results with as little as 15 minutes per day

Is it mobile friendly?


All training is designed to be viewed on any device

(We do advise that you work from a laptop or desktop when you start recording episodes)

Do I have to show up at a certain time, or whenever I want?

The entire program is available right now

There’s no set time for lessons- just jump in and take action at your own pace

What if I don’t like it?

No problem!

As we mentioned before, you have a full 30 days to request a refund

How long will I have access to the content?

You have lifetime access!

(To this and any future updates to Perfect Podcast Pitch)

What other content do you have?

I’m so glad you asked!

Everything that we create is built around content creation and promotion

(i.e the actual marketing of that content)

Click any of the links below to open up in a new tab:

If you want to learn how to write less often, but get more traffic from your content

If you want to learn how to improve old content, then click HERE

If you want to capture more emails from your content

If you want to run paid content promotion at a profit

If you want to join the Amplify Content Academy waiting list

(And be notified when we open up again)


You're awesome and I loved your email pitch!"

-Kim Doyal,The Kim Doyal Show

Its Time To Decide...

Are you in or out?

We’re made the price on this program a real easy choice, so by now- you might have a few niggling worries or fears

That’s ok

Let me get the scary stuff out the way

When you email people, yes, you might get rejected

But it doesn’t matter


Because if you do it like we teach you, it’s not because they don’t like you…

... it just might not be a good fit at the time

But by taking action?

It means you’re moving forward

As for recording the show?

If you do the exercises we recommend in advance, AND you’re happy to talk about your topic?

Then it’s no problem!

Suddenly the show will be over and it’ll be like having talked to an old friend :D

But even better?

You’ll have a brand new podcast ready to go live in front of a brand new audience

So are you ready to start pitching?

To get on those shows, build that audience, grow your list, sales and backlinks?

Click the image below, fill out your payment details and then we’ll see you inside!